Inflation Enhances the 2023 Amounts for Health Savings Accounts

The IRS recently released guidance providing the 2023 inflation-adjusted amounts for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). High inflation rates will result in next … [Read more...]

Podcast: Forecasting

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Why you should keep good records of major home improvements

When you sell a principal residence that has appreciated in value, you generally can exclude $250,000 ($500,000 for married couples) of the gain from tax. But … [Read more...]

Understanding the terms of health care directives

Estate planning experts usually cite the need to include advance health care directives in a comprehensive estate plan. But there may be different legal names … [Read more...]

Sierra Stephens Promoted

Sierra Stephens was recently promoted to Senior Payroll Specialist at CDS. Sierra joined CDS in 2017. Prior to CDS, she worked in client service for over eleven … [Read more...]

Becky Zimmer Promoted

Becky Zimmer was recently promoted to Senior Payroll Systems Coordinator at CDS. Becky joined CDS in 2014. She brought four years of business experience to CDS. … [Read more...]

Tax considerations when adding a new partner at your business

Adding a new partner in a partnership has several financial and legal implications. Let’s say you and your partners are planning to admit a new partner. The new … [Read more...]

Tax issues to assess when converting from a C corporation to an S corporation

Operating as an S corporation may help reduce federal employment taxes for small businesses in the right circumstances. Although S corporations may provide tax … [Read more...]

Karina DeJong joins CDS

Karina DeJong recently joined CDS as the Marketing Coordinator. She brings over seven years of marketing experience to CDS and is the owner and founder of … [Read more...]