SafeSend Returns

CDS is pleased to offer SafeSend Returns™ to our clients as a secure, electronic tax return delivery system. The client-friendly interface guides you through reviewing your return, collecting IRS-compliant e-signatures on e-file authorization forms, and options for making tax payments.

Below are helpful video tutorials and frequently asked questions for individual and business returns. For more information and additional help on SafeSend Returns, please contact us at (888) 388-1040.

What are the benefits to you?
How it works for Individual Returns
How it works for Business Returns

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know my return is ready to sign?
Is there a SafeSend App?
What if I don't receive an email with my access code?
Can I sign my dependent's return electronically?
Will I have the option to download and print my
return to retain for my records?
I’d rather print and sign my e-file authorization
form(s). Can I do that?
Can I set up reminders for my quarterly estimated payment?
How will I verify or confirm my identity to be able to
sign my personal tax return?
Is SafeSend Returns different from e-filing?
Will it work with any internet browser?
How will my spouse and I sign a joint return?
Will I receive confirmation that my individual e-file authorization form(s) were submitted successfully?
Will I need to print and mail anything to the
How do I track my refund?


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