For Profit Entities

At CDS, we commit to offering specialized services and having reliable, knowledgeable, consistent management and staff on every for profit audit.


Our Commitment

  • A member of the For Profit Auditing Management Team is assigned to every audit, is on-site for field work and sees the engagement through from beginning to completing
  • Consistent audit staff throughout the entire engagement and from year to year
  • Currently auditing auto dealerships, construction, manufacturing, petroleum distributors and wholesaler industries
  • Specialize in auditing services for small to mid-sized businesses in Central Minnesota

Financial and Attestation Services

  • A full range of auditing services geared to the specific organizational and accounting needs of your business
  • Evaluation of accounting systems and recommendations for improvements, including budgeting and internal control systems
  • Special services, including employee benefits consulting, compliance, accounting services and administration of employee benefit plans

Management Consulting Services

  • Assistance with investment policy and investment accounting issues
  • Long-term strategic planning
  • Accounting support and consulting services
  • Assistance with management issues involving compensation, as well as personnel searches for key financial positions


Let us exceed your expectations. Contact Kelly O’Farrell at (888) 388-1040 to learn more.

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