WorkforceHUB is a one-stop source for payroll and HR-related information. Employees get the information they need through a single portal, saving time and reducing errors or miscommunication.

The portal includes access to core payroll records, HR workflows, employee engagement tools, and seamless integration with payroll and time and attendance. It comes included with full timekeeping and scheduling capability. Employees access the portal via smartphone apps, tablets, or other web-connected devices.

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Check out how WorkforceHUB works on this video!

Check out our HR Management Tool on this video!

WorkforceHUB Features

  • Timekeeping – Punch tracking, job costing, break enforcement, time-off requests, time card approvals and accruals. It integrates with CDS Timekeeper.
  • Scheduling – Build schedules based on business need, skills required, labor law constraints, employee preferences, and much more.
  • Onboarding – Simplify the new hire experience. Step new hires  through activation, I-9 completion, withholding taxes, benefits, handbook review and more. Ensure timely and accurate  completion of all new hire paperwork.
  • Virtual File Cabinets – Go paperless and securely store important employee HR documents, such as garnishment notices, disciplinary forms and more. Provides secure access to company policies, guides, and handbooks.
  • Benefits Enrollment – Streamline benefits renewal and change processes. Provide cost analysis, selected benefits, and benefits summary confirmation.
  • Performance Reviews – Add structure to the review process.Create your own questions and track responses. Attach employee and manager review documents. Drive the process to completion.
  • Team Engagement – Publish a company directory, important announcements, a team birthday list, and more. Create engaged employees and improve company culture through automated check-ins, a peer recognition system, and an anonymous suggestion box.
  • Bi-Directional Payroll Integration – Provide employees easy and secure access to pay stubs, W2s, 1099s, 1095s,and more. Empower them to update tax details (W4), direct deposits, and personal information.
  • Managed Workflows – Easily build workflows for any common HR task. Automate processes that require acknowledgement or electronic signatures to ensure compliance.
  • Alerts/Notifications – Create automated alerts to employees or their managers. Notify new hires of available benefit options based on hire date eligibility rules. Remind employees that certifications are expiring and managers that performance reviews are due.

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