Mergers and Acquisitions


We work with clients to understand their goals and objectives for mergers and acquisitions. Then we put our audit and managerial skills and tax expertise to work to evaluate the opportunity and identify risks. Our job is to make sure the transaction runs as smoothly as possible without surprises, unknown risk, or regret.

CDS is experienced in both the technical tax matters to maximize transaction value and the identification of soft issues such as cultural fit, key employee matters, sales mix and other financial synergies to ensure the proper match. Our team has been in the private industry and negotiated and executed successful mergers and acquisitions transactions and will assist you:

  • Review and evaluation of assets of the acquired companies
  • Consulting on business valuation and purchase price
  • Advising on tax planning opportunities
  • Working with attorneys, bankers and other advisors
  • Due diligence engagements
  • Analysis of financing options
  • Advising on proper accounting methods and adjustments
  • Reviewing and advising on acquisition agreements
  • Prepare pro forma financial projections for the combined entities
  • Coordinating the complex nature of combining accounting and administrative support

We aren’t afraid to advise you when mergers and acquisitions don’t look like a good fit. Whatever you decide, we will support you through the process and assist with post-transactional issues. Our team can conduct due diligence services for both buyers and sellers.

Let us exceed your expectations. Contact Dave Corneil at (888) 388-1040 to learn more.



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