Non-Profit Entities

At CDS, we commit to offering specialized services and having reliable, knowledgeable, consistent management and staff on every non-profit audit.

Fulfilling the mission of your non-profit organization, while maintaining an effective, accountable and efficient operation is a challenge that is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Compliance with new regulations, financial reporting requirements and challenging tax laws add to the complexity of your responsibilities. CDS is committed to helping you overcome these challenges. We offer comprehensive professional auditing services to meet your needs.

Financial and Attestation Services

  • A full range of audit services geared to the specific organizational and accounting needs of non-profit organizations
  • Compliance auditing and reporting in accordance with U.S. Government “Yellow Book” and Single Audit Act standards for organizations receiving government funding
  • Evaluation of accounting systems and recommendations for improvement including budgeting and internal control systems

Accounting and Consulting Services

  • Unrelated business income and taxable subsidiaries of non-profit organizations, including cost allocation issues
  • Applications for tax-exempt status
  • Research and consultation on private foundation status
  • Accounting support and consulting services for fundraising and capital campaigns and cash-flow projections
  • Special services, including employee benefits consulting, compliance, accounting services, administration of employee benefits plans


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