Non-Profit Entities

At CDS, we commit to offering specialized services and having reliable, knowledgeable, consistent management and staff on every non-profit audit.

Our Commitment

  • Fulfilling the mission of your non-profit organization while maintaining an effective, accountable and efficient operation is a challenge that is┬ábecoming increasingly difficult to manage.
  • Compliance with new regulations, financial reporting requirements and challenging tax laws add to the complexity of your responsibilities.
  • CDS is committed to helping you overcome these challenges.
  • We offer comprehensive professional services to meet your needs.

Financial and Attestation Services

  • A full range of audit services geared to the specific organizational and accounting needs of non-profit organizations
  • Compliance auditing and reporting in accordance with U.S. Government “Yellow Book” and Single Audit Act standards for organizations receiving government funding
  • Evaluation of accounting systems and recommendations for improvement including budgeting and internal control systems

Accounting and Consulting Services

  • Unrelated business income and taxable subsidiaries of non-profit organizations, including cost allocation issues
  • Applications for tax-exempt status
  • Research and consultation on private foundation status
  • Accounting support and consulting services for fundraising and capital campaigns and cash-flow projections
  • Special services, including employee benefits consulting, compliance, accounting services, administration of employee benefits plans



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