The earned sick and safe time (ESST) law was recently updated to clarify who qualifies for ESST, the rate at which ESST must be paid, ESST application to other paid time off and more. Below is an overview of some of those changes.

Note: Most of these changes are now effective as of May 25, 2024.

Earnings statement
Covered employees
Increment of time used
Base rate
ESST application to other paid time off
Bereavement leave
Weather-event exception for certain employees
Remedies for ESST violations

Steps Moving Forward

Given these changes, employers should consider reviewing their employment and contractor agreements and policies to ensure they comply with the changes. Our CDS experts will keep you up to date on information about any other upcoming employment law changes as we continue to receive guidance.

For any questions that may arise in your review, please contact your CDS Expert at (888) 388-1040 or contact Labor Standards at [email protected] or (651)-284-5075.