The IRS has recently made some announcements encouraging taxpayers to obtain an Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN). According to the tax agency, it can help protect against tax-related identity theft. This article provides some details about IP PINs, along with information about how you can get one.

How to get an IP PIN

The fastest way to receive an IP PIN is by using the online Get an IP PIN tool. If you wish to get an IP PIN and you don’t already have an account on, you must register to validate your identity. The IP PIN tool is generally available starting in mid-January through mid-November.

Get an IP PIN

Important Information about IP PINs

Using an IP PIN to File

Enter the six-digit IP PIN when prompted by your tax software product or provide it to your trusted tax professional preparing your tax return. The IP PIN is used only on Forms 1040, 1040-PR and 1040-SS.

Correct IP PINs must be entered on electronic and paper tax returns to avoid rejections and delays. An incorrect or missing IP PIN will result in the rejection of your e-filed return or a delay of your paper return until it can be verified.

Don’t reveal your IP PIN to anyone. It should be known only to your tax professional and only when you are ready to sign and submit your return. The IRS will never ask for your IP PIN. Phone calls, emails or texts asking for your IP PIN are scams.

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