For those receiving more than $10,000 of Provider Relief Funds (Phase 1, 2, or 3) via the CARES Act, you are subject to reporting requirements.

The first step in the process is to register with Health & Human Services (HHS). This is a different registration process than when you may have applied for the funds last year. Here is the registration link:

HHS Provider Relief Fund Reporting Portal

The following information is needed to complete the registration:

  • Tax ID Number (TIN) (or other number submitted during the application process (e.g., Social Security Number, Employer Identification Number (EIN))
    Business name (as it appears on a W-9) of the reporting entity
    Contact information (name, phone number, email) of the person responsible for submitting the report
    Address (street, city, state, five digit zip code) of the reporting entity as it appears on a W-9
    TIN(s) of subsidiaries (if a provider is reporting on behalf of subsidiary(ies) – in a list delimited by commas, e.g.,123456789, 987654321,135791357)
    Payment information (for any of the payments received)
    TIN of entity that received the payment
    Payment amount
    Mode of payment (check or direct deposit ACH)
    Check number or ACH settlement date
    You will also need to create a username (in the form of an email) and a password during the registration process.

We are ready to assist you with the proper reporting of all expenditures and allocation of these expenditures to the appropriate program. Due to the complexity of the reporting requirements and the numerous programs, we strongly encourage you to reach out to CDS for further assistance.

We’re here to help! Contact Kelly at (320) 214-2959.