Minnesota employers are required to keep certain records about each employee for three years. Read more below to stay compliant with Minnesota law.

Records employers must record and keep for each employee

  • Name, address, and occupation.
  • Rate(s) of pay and the amount paid each pay period.
  • Hours worked each day (including start and end times with a.m. and p.m. designations), and each workweek, unless exempt from the Minnesota Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • For all employees paid by piece rate, the number of pieces completed at each piece rate.
  • A record of each meal accepted by the employee if the employer is taking a meal credit under Minnesota Rules 5200.0060.
  • Proof of age of minors employed.
  • A list of personnel policies with brief descriptions, including the date the policies were given to the employee.
  • The employee notice is required to be provided to and signed by the employee at the start of employment and any written changes to the notice that were provided to the employee.
  • Prevailing wage: For employers subject to Minnesota Statutes 177.41 to 177.44, and while performing work on public works projects funded in whole or in part with state funds.

How long and where must records be kept?

  • Records must be kept no less than three years.
  • The records must be kept in a place where employees are working or kept in a manner that allows the employer to comply with the commissioner’s demand within 72 hours.

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