QuickBooks allows you to create unique roles for each of your users and track what that user does.

Everyone that uses your QuickBooks file should have a unique log in. This protects your company file from unwanted viewers and helps protect you against fraud or theft because you can view what each user has done in the file. There are 14 pre-defined roles that you can select and use or customize further to allow each user to have unique access.

  • Go to >Company >Users >Set Up Users & Roles
  • First look at the Roles List tab
  • Click Edit to add more functionality or take some away
  • Once you create a unique role, name it so you will know what role it is

To view activity in your file, go to >Reports >Accountant and Taxes >Audit Trail. There you can view a report of the activity in the QuickBooks file and what each user contributed. Safeguarding your QuickBooks file is important, and creating roles is a good way to do that.

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