You can always use QuickBooks through your browser. However, make your time more productive with these unique features of the QuickBooks Online Desktop app. Run QuickBooks Online up to 46% faster.







Always one click away
  • Whether you’re using a PC or Mac, one click on the icon launches you right into your books.
Stay signed in
  • Your one-click access also gets you into QuickBooks without having to sign in. No more time spent logging back in!
Easily open and work with multiple windows
  • Never worry about accidentally closing out of your work with the multi-window/tab restore that gets you right back to where you were before. Plus, making a change or update in one window will automatically update all of the other affected windows.
Easy navigation
  • Move easily from page to page with the back/forward buttons and seamlessly switch companies from the toolbar.
Want the QuickBooks Online Desktop app now? 
  • Visit these pages to download and access the app or use your QuickBooks Online login. All of your data will automatically sync and update, just like on a browser.

For MAC, click here

For PC, click here

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