Transitioning from QuickBooks Desktop to Online

The layout of QuickBooks Online can be difficult for the traditional QuickBooks desktop user to navigate when transitioning from the desktop version. In the recent years, QuickBooks has introduced a great solution to this issue by creating a downloadable app which allows users to use QuickBooks Online in a desktop-like atmosphere. The free app, QuickBooks Online App for Windows or Mac, is in early development stages, but looks very promising.

A Few Benefits of QuickBooks Online

  • Company information can be accessed from a PC or  Mac computer, tablet, and cell phones, with complete compatibility.
  • All of your company’s information will be backed up and secured in the QuickBooks Cloud.
  • Access to third party apps which allows for automatic updates to your QuickBooks account for information such as employee timesheets, PayPal transactions, credit card transactions, etc.
  • It allows employees to enter data into the apps without having access to your confidential company information.
  • More than one user is allowed to work in your company file at once, allowing your accountant to access your company remotely without transferring files back and forth.
  • Clients using an existing QuickBooks desktop version can import data directly into QuickBooks Online for an easy transition.
  • There is no need to buy software to update to new QuickBooks versions as the online version automatically updates and is covered under the monthly fee.

If you are thinking about transferring your company to QuickBooks Online, contact one of our Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors . We will assess whether this is a viable option for your organization and pass on a discount to you.