Survive financial stress with these 3 mindset changers

Because financial stress is a normal part of life for most people, learning to cope with money worries is important — vital, in fact — for maintaining positive relationships, job productivity and personal health.

If you’re dealing with excessive anxiety about your finances, consider implementing the following three policies:

  • Move forward and control what you can. If you’ve been laid off from your job, for example, don’t spend time mulling over the idiosyncrasies of your old boss, the shortcomings of the guy who took your job, or anything else that’s beyond your ability to change. Looking ahead and focusing on the things you can control can relieve stress now.
  • Take charge. When dealing with personal finances, uncertainty can generate stress. Use your energy to start creating positive changes. For instance, preparing a written budget can bring your money worries into focus and provide a starting point for action. You may find that cutting out a few unnecessary luxuries can provide breathing room.Getting the debt monkey off your back may take time, but watching your credit card balances decline for a few months can provide relief and hope for the future.

    Recalibrate your priorities. Remember that life is a lot more than money. If you’re burdened with financial worries, take time to consider the many good things in your life you enjoy: health, family, nature — whatever gives you pleasure and a sense of well-being apart from your checkbook.

Sometimes talking to a trusted advisor also helps. If you’d like help with your finance or tax issues, give us a call at (888) 388-1040.