QuickBooks Remote Access

QuickBooks Remote Access is a Web-based service (go to tinyurl.com/m7ljuf) that allows the QuickBooks experts at CDS to securely log in to your QuickBooks systems. Remote Access grants the QuickBooks expert entry only to your QuickBooks application and data and prevents the accountant from viewing other data, such as Word, Excel and e-mail files, on your computer. The service takes only a few minutes to set up and, thereafter, the QuickBooks ProAdvisor can log in to your QuickBooks to train, review your books, and, if appropriate, enter corrections and adjustments.

The Benefits of Using Remote Access are: 

  • The QuickBooks expert avoids the need to have your edition of QuickBooks running
  • The QuickBooks expert and the client do not have to send the Accountant’s Copy files back and forth
  • Remote Access provides full access to the client’s data in real time

Remote Access tip. This type of remote access gives the QuickBooks expert control of the your screen, allowing you to see the mouse actions as you are trained remotely via the telephone.

If you are interested in working with Remote Access with your QuickBooks ProAdvisor, visit with one of our experts.