Instructions for QuickBooks Online: How to Create Automated Payment Reminders

Learn how to automatically or manually send reminders to customers when their invoices are or soon to be overdue.

There’s an easy way to gently remind customers about invoice due dates. In QuickBooks Online, you can set up automatic reminders that go out a few days before or after the due date. No need to track the dates yourself or worry about sending too many reminders. And you can personalize the email message so it matches your business.

How to Set Up Payment Reminders

  1. Go to Settings ⚙ and select Account and settings.
  2. Select the Sales tab.
  3. In the Reminders section, select Edit ✏️.
  4. Turn on Automatic invoice reminders.
  5. Select the dropdown for Reminder 1, and turn on the toggle switch.
  6. From the dropdown fields, select days, and before or after to tell QuickBooks when to send the reminder. Note: You can schedule and send email reminders up to 90 days before or after the invoice due date.
  7. You can create second and third reminders as needed.

Now that you’ve turned on reminders, you can edit your reminder message. Note: You can customize the email template of each reminder to match the date settings you chose.

  1. In the Subject line field, edit the subject line as needed. Tip: We recommend you keep “reminder” in the subject.
  2. Select the Use email greeting checkbox to personalize your greeting. Select a greeting from the dropdowns.
  3. In the Email message field, clear the message text and craft your own. Or you can use the default message.
  4. When you’re done, select Save and then Done.

QuickBooks checks the due dates on your invoices a few times a day. If any meet your criteria, it automatically sends reminders. You can’t exclude specific customers. Also, QuickBooks sends reminders for invoices that have the Customer Email field filled out even if the invoice wasn’t initially sent by email to the customer.

QuickBooks uses this as a template for all invoice reminders. When you create an invoice, the due date on the form starts the clock. Make sure you include an email address in the Customer email field on invoices.

QuickBooks Online Tip: Want reminders to include PDF copies of invoices? Go back to the Sales tab in Account and settings. Select Edit icon ✏️ in the Online delivery section. Select the PDF Attached checkbox, then Save.

See Who Got a Reminder

If you want to see which customers got reminders, go to the Sales menu. QuickBooks adds “(Reminded)” to invoices in the Status column after it sends a reminder.

Send Invoice Reminders Manually

Instead of automatic reminders, you can also send them manually.

  1. Select the Sales menu, then Invoices.
  2. Find the invoice you’d like to send a reminder for.
  3. From the Receive payment dropdown, select Send reminder.
  4. Customize your message and select Send.

If you need assistance with this process, visit with one of our QuickBooks Experts at (888) 388-1040.