Memorize a Bill in QuickBooks

If you have a bill that you know you are going to have each month, you can create a memorized bill, here’s how:

If it is January 1st and you have a monthly Verizon cell phone bill for $95/month that you receive an invoice for on the first day of every month and is due on the 15th of every month:

  • Go to “Enter Bills” on the home screen
  • Type Verizon into the Vendors field
  • Type 1/1/2017 into the Date field
  • Type the invoice number on the Ref No field
  • Type $95 in the Amount Due field
  • Type 1/15/2017 into the Bill Due field
  • Type Telephone into the Expense account
  • Before saving the bill click “Memorize” on the top gray bar
  • A pop up box will come up that asks you to choose a name for the memorized transaction, fill out the box like this:
  • Click okay
  • Then on the first of each month a Verizon bill will automatically be created for you
  • You can edit the memorized transaction by:
    • going to the top gray bar and selecting Lists
    • Memorized transaction list and then double clicking on the bill, then re-memorizing after edits are made

Note: You can also memorize: reports, checks, deposits and journal entries in QuickBooks.

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