Interview with Bookkeeper, Sarah Wentzel

Q: Tell us about your family.

A: I’m married to Adam and together we have two boys, Levi and Graham. We live North of Murdock (out in the middle of nowhere) and we absolutely love it. I come from a farming family who had crops and livestock. We currently farm with Adam’s family. Levi is 4 and will be starting preschool in the fall. Graham is 3 months and the happiest baby I’ve ever met. We love to go camping, farm, and just being a family at home.

Q: Do you have any hobbies or interesting facts about yourself?

A: I love to freezer/batch cook. I have adapted as a farm wife over the years and have come to love stocking my freezer with meals and things to make our lives a little easier during the busy seasons. I absolutely love being around livestock…growing up we showed cattle, pigs, and some sheep. To this day we have pigs in the summer for butcher and just recently obtained a batch of chickens that we hope to get eggs from soon!

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: In my spare time I like to be a mom. Which sounds funny but all “mom chore things” aside I just like to hang out at home with my boys and make memories. We also have formed a habit of getting Dairy Queen and driving around the lake on Sundays!

Q: Why CDS?

I chose CDS because they offer what not many other companies do: flexibility to live life as it comes at you. As a mom who also wants to have a career, CDS is the place to have the best of both!

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