Government Audit Firm Highlights (January 2023)

Firm Highlights

Member Spotlight and CDS Promotion
Senior Government Auditor – Marisa Winters

Marisa Winters was recently promoted to Senior Government Auditor at CDS. Marisa joined CDS in 2018 as a Staff Accountant. She graduated from Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, MN with Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting and Finance. Marisa was promoted to Senior Government Auditor in 2022. Her focus areas are governmental and non-profit auditing.

Fun facts about Marisa:

  1. I have always loved cats and we recently added one to our family. Her name is Sabre, and she brings us so much joy!
  2. I have never left the country or been to the ocean. I am looking forward to my honeymoon in June and being able to cross both off my bucket list!
  3. I’m an avid reader and easily will get lost in a book for a weekend. My favorite genres are modern new adult romance, historical romance, and fantasy. So far this year I have finished three books and I’m working on my fourth!
  4. I enjoy learning about history. I love to listen to podcasts or watch documentaries about past civilizations and their lifestyles or historical events.
  5. I enjoy being involved in the community. I am part of Rotary Readers, Women Inspiring and Networking (WIN), NeXt, and am currently participating in the Leadership Perspectives class of 2022-2023.