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Governor Walz signed into law the Minnesota Covid-19 Relief Bill on March 27, 2020. The bill addresses child care, joblessness, taxes, and health and human services as Minnesotans face significant medical and financial hardships as we navigate the coronavirus epidemic. It helps public agencies and the state’s health system kick into high gear to fight the pandemic.

The $330 million bill includes:

  • $200 Million: appropriated from General Fund to COVID-19 Reserve Fund – allowing state agencies to use for response to the pandemic
  • Includes such items as increased staffing costs at prison facilities and costs associated by the MN National Guard
  • $30 Million: Emergency Loans to groups that provide child care for children of essential workers
    • Recipients are eligible to receive a monthly award of $4,500, with an additional $1,000 per month if they serve children during nonstandard hours, children whose first language isn’t English, or children with special needs. Programs may also receive an additional $15,500 per month if they are licensed to serve 15 or more children.
  • $40 Million: Emergency grants and loan guarantees for small businesses
  • $26 Million: to help First Responders
  • $11 Million: for the 11 Tribal Nations in the State to help them mitigate health and economic impacts of COVID-19
  • $9 Million: Food Shelves to address food security related to COVID-19
  • $6.2 Million: Veterans to provide financial assistance by expanding the State Soldier Assistance Grant Program to any veterans or surviving spouses of a veteran needing assistance as a result of the COVID-19 disaster
  • $2.4 Million: Vehicle Services to clear up the expected backlog of drivers license and tab applications

Property Tax Appeal Due Date Postponed

The bill also pushes back the property tax appeal date to May 30, 2020 (previously April 30, 2020).

Driver’s License Extensions

Due to the community transmission concerns of COVID-19 and the Stay At Home Order from March 27-April 10, individuals with driver’s license, permits, or disability parking permits that expire during this time, have until the last day of the consecutive month in which the peacetime emergency ends to renew their license or permit (no later than January 31, 2021).

Read the COVID-19 Relief Bill

As we receive more guidance on the bill, we’ll provide you with updates on our COVID-19 Resource page.

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