Interview with Staff Accountant, Trista Novy

Q: Tell us about your family.

A: My husband and I live in Hutchinson, MN. We have 5 children between the two of us (each had 2 from a previous marriage and then had one together). We have a busy household but most of us are homebodies. We all like to spend time with my parents who live just outside of Brownton, MN.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: I’m busy being a mom, student and employee so I don’t have a lot of time for hobbies. When I can get a chance I like to just float on the lake in the summer or get into a book, audiobook, or podcast I like. I also spend a lot of time editing my personal budget spreadsheet, so I guess you could call me a nerd.

Q: How do you stay up to date on changes and trends in your field/industry?

A: I receive emails from the AICPA on changes in the industry. I also listen to financial podcasts to get information on financial changes so I can help relate to people and businesses in their finances.

Q: What are you looking forward to most at CDS?

A: I am looking forward to the connections I’ll be making and the information I’ll be learning. I also look forward to growing in my career and skills.

Trista’s Full Bio