An Interview with our Newest Hire, Bill Fenske

Read Bill Fenske’s new hire interview below:
Q. How has the healthcare profession changed during your career?
A: The healthcare industry continues to evolve and grow but its primary purpose is still about taking care of the patient. If we stay focused on delivering patient-centered care and doing what is right for the patient, healthcare is very rewarding and a true calling for many, including myself. Healthcare, like many industries, rides a roller coaster through peaks and valleys. Currently the downward pressure on reimbursement and the upward pressure on salaries, supplies, and new technology make it very difficult for providers to maintain their relatively low margins, with many healthcare systems currently breaking even on operations. The industry will manage through these unique challenges with necessary paradigm shifts in how clinical care is delivered to patients while lowering the cost curve.
Q. What do you like best about working in the healthcare industry?
A: The opportunity to serve others. I have never directly cared for a patient, but I can provide value by serving those who do.
Q. I’ve heard you love to read. Tell me about an interesting book you’ve read.
A: The most interesting book, besides the Bible, would be A Team of Rivals, which is about the genius and savviness of President Lincoln and how he brought many of his political rivals together to form a strong cabinet. Much can be learned on leadership from reading this book.
Q: What are you looking forward to most?
A: The opportunity to bring new advisory and professional services that provide value to our clients.


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